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14 August 2017 | Sheamus O’Farrell

No, you are not going crazy. The media really does not deal with real issues.  And no, most of the news you ‘need’ to know will not show up tonight on the evening news.

After spending 20+ years in the news media, I have a pretty good idea of why -or why not- some things work in news.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. If an ‘important’ story does not appear on CNN it is not because it is not an important story. It is more likely that the story in question does not fit into that days’ narrative.

Consider this:

Trump is a master of controlling the daily news narrative but he could not do so without the help of the media.

The goal of both is to create A Single Story that not only fills air-time, but almost completely dominates its limited news-cycle. 

This, in part, is why we have Trump Silence. It is an important topic, to be sure, but surely not so much so that it should almost completely dominate each and every news story for days-on-end.

It no longer matters whether Trump Speaks or not because Trump Silence has already served its purpose: To deflect discussion away from real issues. 

You see, by now it is already too late in this news-cycle to have any serious discussions about the historical context of previous protests (Police pepper spray, arrest activists as KKK rally meets rival protest in Charlottesville) or the KKK, rampant racism, unemployment, drug use, armed militia roaming the streets, the power of the alt-right… 

Whether this current news-cycle ends with Trump Silence or Trump Speaks, our attention will soon be directed to A Brand New Single Story. Think Trump Tweets, which will take over and give the press an opportunity not to talk about the real issues at hand. (UN Sanctions: China Bans Importation of Iron, Iron Ore, Seafood and Coal from North Korea).

If you think this is an over-simplification, watch what happens the next time President Twitter spews out 140 characters of complete and utter nonsense or makes a threat against anyone or just… is. 

It is my hope that Hawkins Bay Dispatch will hope fill in some of those ‘vacuum’ gaps. It is my hope that perhaps in some small way I can shed some light on the way things really work in the world of news.


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