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James Porteous has worked for many years as a freelance writer, author and digital-librarian.

His books are often based on his own life-experiences with an eye on bringing to life stories and events that fly just below the radar. While his books are often topical in nature, they always strive to bring to life the hopes and dreams of every-day-people.

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Hawkins Bay
Welcome to a post-Trump and Edward Snowden world of climate calamity, drone and cyber-warfare and The Endless War on Terror. The elites have taken refuge in the Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker intent on preserving democracy for future generations. Those Left Behind are doing what they have always done – struggling to survive. Revenge may be their only option. Hang on. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

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light blue american ford
Self-radicalized or just self-delusional? Cal Fitzroy, is about to find out. Should he starve in Doha or join the rebels in their fight for freedom in the hills of Syria.

The Last Record Album
Bo Carter has stories to tell. He once shared a cup of coffee with Bob Dylan. His band opened for The Kinks. He has even had a moderate hit or two. He is a self-proclaimed two-hit-wonder. Bo knows his days on The Road are numbered, but he is not quite ready to hang up his rock ‘n’ roll shoes.

The High Rez
The Confederacy of Dunces meets Catch-22? JM Mohawk was living the life of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll on the High Rez. But things went south when he tried to go south. Now JM is lost in America. Good and lost. He just wants to get back to Canada, but first he’ll have to survive an ‘extraordinary rendition’ to a prison at Guantanamo Cuba.

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March 2017