horse house_Sheamus O'Farrell

The Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker

Trumped by Trump? Afraid to turn on the evenings news?


Join the Hawkins Bay Revolution.

Power to the people. Oh yeah.

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Blackstar is the voice of the “Islamic Infidel Twitter feed.” He is waging a cyberwar against the Jihadists twentyfourseven.

He is not alone. The Droneboys, The 1% and The Military are also fighting The Good Fight from the Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker.

Democracy will be saved. Those Left Behind will not.

Betty Deschamps, Major Stursberg and other ‘elites’ are riding out the post-Trump mayhem in the Hawkins Bay Freedom Bunker. They are keen on saving democracy. And their gold. And their DNA.

Zeddy and Montea and the rest of Those Left Behind are struggling to survive. They are weak and hungry but they are working on a plan to blow up the Bunker. They have nothing to lose.

Welcome to the world of Hawkins Bay, part Orwell, part Heller and part new world fiction. Read it before it is banned. Or tossed into the bonfire.

Join the Hawkins Bay Revolution

Read it now. Before it is banned. Or tossed in the bonfire.

Read an excerpt here