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Hawkins Bay, a work of contemporary fiction, takes place in a post-Trump world where all news is fake-news, where the war on terror is truly never-ending and the great divide between rich and poor is openly celebrated.


Set in a not-too-distant post-Trump-future, the politicians, wealthy and military have taken refuge in the hundreds of Freedom Bunkers around the world. From here the CyberUnit wages war against Jihadists via Twitter and Facebook and the DroneBoys carry out drone strikes around the world.

For Those Left Behind, nothing much has changed. They continue to struggle each day to find enough food or water to survive.

In the town of Hawkins Bay, the Manifest Ninety Nine rebels are planning an uprising that would not only destroy the Freedom Bunker, but the very seeds of democracy.

But the rebels are running out of time. The Commander-in-Chief has approved retaliatory bombings against Anti-American Insurgents around the world. All-out nuclear war seems imminent.

The themes in Hawkins Bay are global in scope, but these are character-driven stories of hope, hardship and revenge, both inside and outside the Bunker.

And they are stories that are becoming ever-more urgent as we come face-to-face with an ugly, universal and deeply troubling shift to the extreme right.

James Porteous
is a seasoned freelance writer, TV producer and former archivist and digital librarian for Al Jazeera English

Czesław Miłosz
“Undoubtedly, one comes closer to the truth when one sees history as the expression of the class struggle rather than a series of private quarrels among kings and nobles. But precisely because such an analysis of history comes closer to the truth, it is more dangerous. It gives the illusion of full knowledge; it supplies answers to all questions, answers which merely run around in a circle repeating a few formulas.” Czesław Miłosz