Opinion: Governments must finally be held accountable for this sorry covid mess

Many governments appear to be paralyzed with fear, bogged down by their lies or just plain play-acting when it comes to dealing with covid. And now, a year into this, how many of us looking at another six months of lockups? We need to start demanding answers for this sorry mess. Now.

22 February 2021 | James Porteous | Clipper Media

You may not even realize just how many countries have been largely covid-free for months. In many cases, they returned to ‘normal life’ so long ago they no longer feel any need to think, or talk about, their covid days.

I have talked to people all over the world who were not even aware that, after almost a year (!), millions of people still cannot sit down for a coffee, go to a film theatre or meet friends for a beer.

How did they do it?

And why are so many other countries continuing to record hundreds or even thousands of so-called ‘covid related’ deaths per day?

I do not have any answers to those questions, obviously, but it is becoming increasingly clear that many of the ‘leaders’ in countries currently in ‘lockup’ are suggesting a partial end in April but actually have their sights on July 2021.

We can survive on our own

They have not come out and said so yet, but that is how they do it, telling their subjects that they might be able to eat a meal in a restaurant or swim in a pool ‘within weeks.’

We know by now that ‘within weeks’ will become ‘within months.’ And then perhaps weeks or months again. Until they have accomplished whatever the hell it is they are trying to accomplish.

That means various things in various countries, but in essence, these governments will continue to determine what should be considered ‘essential’ for perhaps the next five or six months.

Obviously we cannot afford to keep waiting helplessly for the start of a post-covid world when we have absolutely no guarantee we will move into an open, post-covid society even then.

In the past, we might have maintained at least some control knowing that corporations and governments coveted our money and could count on our cooperation to fill their coffers but, as they have demonstrated, our involvement is really no longer necessary. 

By now it is clear we need to organize individually and collectively to at least control the things we can control.  

We can decide what is ‘essential’ online, for example.

Can we finally drop Facebook and still retain messenger?

Dump Twitter and Instagram?

And then there is the constant barrage of propaganda. I’m sorry – news.

Perhaps we should each find one news source that provides what we need to know, biased or not, and forget the rest? 

The only reason we listened in the past was to better articulate arguments that might be used to justify our opposition to the fairy tales.

But there are too many fairy tales now. The nightly newscast or the front page of any newspaper will not help us discern the truth about covid or vaccines any more than they have ever helped to understand the truth about climate breakdown or the military complex or corporations pillaging world resources.

It is time to tune in to what is important and then drop the rest. 

We need less stress, less internal agitation, and to spend less time trying to constantly separate truth from fiction. 

It is truly time to take back at least some control of our lives in much the same way that billions and billions of other people have been doing every single day for many, many months.

It is truly time to move on and work together, without governments if need be, without media, to define the kind of world we want to live in. For ourselves and for our children.

It is time to rethink this absurd, abusive relationship we have had with those who insist on maintaining power over virtually ever detail of our lives. They have failed where so many have succeeded.

We need to know why this is the case.

Write to them. Ask them. Insist on an actual answers.

We need to ask them, over and over again, why so many countries have been normal for seven or eight months when our governments are insisting we may be waiting that long again.

And why is it that those who wish to take the vaccine will likely have to wait for months? We have suffered through multiple lockups based on their insistence that vaccines were coming in record time and anyone who wanted one would have one.

What the hell happened? Write to your local government and ask them.

And if this virus is so dangerous, why hasn’t at least one government or leader spent a few million dollars to create a prototype for a cheap, reusable, functional mask, that could be used for generations, to help alleviate our chances of contracting everything from common colds to influenza or anything else?

Normal people, throughout the history of mankind, from cave-dwellers onward, if faced with an adversary, have fought back to take control.

Our governments? They have adopted a number of uniform mantras and then sat back and mocked the look of horror they see in our faces. Job done.

They don’t seem to care. The message is the message is the message.

They are very good at talking in tongues and sitting on their hands, very good at paying for trillion dollar bailouts and for vaccines that are almost nowhere to be found, but all they have done otherwise is blame us for this mess.

They need to be held accountable. They need to answer questions and they will not do so on their own and neither will the media ask these questions.

So we need to remind them, over and over again, that this our world, and our society.

It belongs to us, not to them or their corporate shareholders.

James Porteous/ Clipper Media

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