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It is human nature. We live, we learn, we make mistakes, we grow old, we pass on.

Along the way, we might become nostalgic. We might for example feel the urge to retrace our roots and ascertain ‘where we came from.’

Or we might look out the window one day and wonder what happened to all the time we once had.

In the ‘olde days,’ when life-expectancy was so much shorter, there was barely time for regrets.

We plowed the earth or traveled the seas until the day we passed along to that other world.

Indeed, we may not have left behind any mention of the life we lived.

All of Me is a way for me to rectify this passage into oblivion, an opportunity to leave a mark, no matter how small it might be.

I have been collecting stories for as long as I can remember.

Perhaps ‘collecting’ is not the right word. I always seem to run into people who have stories to tell. And I have always taken note of them.

So this is a collection of stories people have told me, mixed in with many of my own stories and some completely fictional ones as well.

You could call All of Me a fictional version of Studs Terkel’s Working, his wonderful book of oral histories.

It is, in the end, all of me.

All of Me – on Sale Now


Summer dress larger


Little Faith


love wanted


happens desert






El su




born out of


God's tv


days of the dead



Boston to BC



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